The project was to support the initiation of a land titling program with the use of Drone technology collecting data to some area of Interest implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of land and Natural Resources (MLNR). The project aimed to map an area of 120km2 at a spatial resolution of 5cm GSD and using RTK/PPK with the deliverables of Orthomosaic.. 

The AoI chosen by MLNR primarily based on where the squatter population has been located.

Although the project focused on data land titling, we manage to build capacity for Zambian officials including Lusaka City Council staff for them to know what is going on and to see how this technology can be embraced by them for their sustainability.

The aim of this program was to help with Tax collection after issuing land title deeds to the City Council of Lusaka. A Lusaka Valuation roll for property taxation is due to update and publish by January 2021, hence The World Bank Governance Program will soon be Implemented that will include strengthening own-source revenues for municipal councils, including property taxation.

Lusaka City’s has requested to update the valuation roll through the application of drone mapping; The World Bank has been requested to help for covering a limited area and build capacity for Lusaka City Council Staff to be able to expand coverage and support scale-up, on the advice of the Ministry of Local Government.

On the same line of valuation role for property taxation, On September 2019, the World Bank contracted OMDTZ to create a labeled dataset for Lusaka, Zambia, where they needed approximately 3000 buildings to be manually traced and classified with the building footprint, roof building material, completeness, and drainage, features attributes. The aim was to alleviate the property tax challenge in Zambia who lacked critical datasets to do this.

Drone Mapping Lusaka-Zambia Timeline

May - September

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Funding and Partners

The project was funded by the World Bank through a Zambain_National Land Titling Program (NLTP) while OMDTZ and Uhuru Labs were contracted to conduct drone flights

Impact of the Project

Tax Collection

Supporting Lusaka in the issues of tax collection and provision of land title deeds

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