• Engaging EVERYONE in


    Working with youth, community members and orgnizations to make sure we collect representative data that can be owned by the community.

  • Advocating for


    Innovation around mapping and supporting different technological ideas that aim at solving community challenges.

  • Providing TRAINING and SUPPORT in

    Mobile Data Collection

    Using mobile applications such as OpenDataKit to collect field data

  • Stakeholder CAPACITY BUILDING for


    Focusing on sustainable solutions that geospatial data play a great part in. Example, sustainale resilient cities

About us

OpenMap Development Tanzania is a nonprofit NGO based in Dar es Salaam and operating across Tanzania. Since its establishment in 2017, OMDTZ has executed and promoted several community mapping projects, generated map awareness, actively pledged open datasets, and continued to build a network of enthusiastic mappers in Tanzania. OMDTZ heavily contributes to OpenStreetMap (OSM – https://www.openstreetmap.org/) platform, which is both a map and database of geographic data owned by contributors on OSM; anyone can view, create and use this information for free. 

Training and Capacity Building

Conducting training and workshops to build capacity for public&private sectors on tools that we use for data collection and how they can use collected data for informed decisions in solving different challenges. We also train university students on different digital geospatial tools during their industrial placement.


Develop, design, and create new innovative solutions, tools, and ways of doing things that will benefit different groups that seek innovative solutions. For instance, OMDTZ has developed a locally made bamboo drone with the aim of acquiring high-resolution aerial imagery for mapping at a low cost but effective. We also support youth with innovative solutions through Open Skies Fellowship Program (https://openskiesfellows.org/)

Data Collection, Analysis & Visualisation

Collecting and managing data using open tools that are locally available such as ODK and OMK for data collection, QGIS, Python for data cleaning, and different logarithms for quality checks, and analysis and developing good thematic maps for decision making.

Community Mapping

We collect data by working closely with community members and training them on how to collect data using mobile applications. They understand their neighborhood well and the challenges so involving them in data collection helps to get relevant information that would have been impossible to acquire without consulting them. 

Our Impact

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OSM Contribution

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Community Member

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Students Engagement

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Workshops and Trainings



Areas of Expertise

Geospatial data management, visualisation and map making

Supercomputer for big data processing

Facilitating data collection and community mapping

Imagery Processing (Conversion, Compression)

ODK Server deployment and management

WebMap development and hosting

Drones (imagery acquisition and data processing)

Capacity building on open geospatial data and tools