Community engagement & research(involvement of communities), (grass-roots participation)

collaboratively with both public (community groups ) and private sectors,to address issues that impact the well-being of those groups. Activities that help firms engage the community include credible and transparent reporting, town hall meetings and collaborative decision making. Enabling them to Reveals problems (prioritize, rank) Skills and technology which helping them to make better decision based on the data Enable them using tools

Capacity building across partners and communities

Helping public and private sector to make better decision based on the need of community through maps Training and workshop with stakeholders,community and partners Training of the university students and community on how to use open source tools to uncover different problems and propose for the better solution

Data science,analysis and management

Use of scientific method and tools which are simplified for the data collection and use of open platform,software and logarithm to make the high quality data Reaching those in need through maps which will help decision maker to make better decision for humanitarian and community development

Innovation & new technology

Develop,design and create new innovation ideas, and tools which will help to local team and partners to simplify their work and solve community issues

Community, Innovation, Technology