What We Do

Community Mapping

OMDTZ works closely with community members when collecting data, basically providing capacity to them so they can collect information in their own neighborhood or supporting data collectors by providing relevant information that would have been impossible to acquire without consulting them. Communities are involved in different ways i.e Working directly with them during data collection, Discussions on data needs during community forums, training, and capacity building which includes data sharing, etc.


Develop, design, and create new innovative solutions, tools, and ways of doing things that will benefit different groups that seek innovative solutions. OMDTZ has developed a locally made bamboo drone with the aim of acquiring high-resolution aerial imagery that we use for mapping at a low cost but effective.


We have also been working on testing new ways to conduct a cadastre survey using Ublox and RTK to perform high-precision (<5cm error) surveying. This will not only provide a high accuracy result but will be cost-effective and support millions of Tanzanians who have their plots unsurveyed as they cannot afford the current surveying cost

Training and Capacity Building

OMDTZ does not only collect data and submit them to donors or share them publicly, but we also conduct training capacity building to public&private sectors, education institutions NGO’s, local community members and leaders on the tools that we use for data collection and how they can use collected data for informed decisions including solving their own challenges local challenges.

Data Collection, Analysis & Visualization

Collecting data using simple and practical methods by using open tools such as ODK and OMK for data collection, QGIS, Python for data cleaning, and different logarithms for quality checks, analysis and develop good thematic maps for decision making.

Watch a video of OMDTZ team showcasing the use of dual-frequency GNSS sensor to draw our name using satellites.

Using low-cost dual-frequency GNSS modules for cadastral mapping in Tanzania – The complexities inherent in the current cadastral surveying system in Tanzania make it such that poor people can rarely, if ever, obtain proper land rights. By bringing communities together and using affordable dual-frequency receivers, we propose to change that. Read more about this here

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