• Engaging EVERYONE in


    Working with youth, community members and orgnizations to make sure we collect representative data that can be owned by the community.

  • Advocating for


    Innovation around mapping and supporting different technological ideas that aim at solving community challenges.

  • Providing TRAINING and SUPPORT in

    Mobile Data Collection

    Using mobile applications such as OpenDataKit to collect field data

  • Stakeholder CAPACITY BUILDING for


    Focusing on sustainable solutions that geospatial data play a great part in. Example, sustainale resilient cities

About us

OMDTZ is a non-profit organization registered in 2017 and operating across Tanzania. With competence in data collection, data analysis, management and visualization, training and capacity building as well as technological innovations, OMDTZ has executed and promoted community mapping projects, generated maps and mapping awareness, actively pledged open datasets, and continued to build a network of enthusiastic mappers in Tanzania. OMDTZ heavily contributes to open data movement and platforms such as OpenStreetMap (OSM – https://www.openstreetmap.org/).

Training and Capacity Building

 OMDTZ provides training to youth (including students) on open mapping techniques and support to develop their technical skills. Additionally, OMDTZ hosts workshops for partners and stakeholders such as the government, public and private sectors on open geospatial tools, open data and how to access data for use.


Technology and innovation

 OMDTZ utilizes technological innovations in mapping such as building and flying local made and industrial drones as well as the development of high-accuracy GPS units. OMDTZ supports youth in pursuit of technology and innovation through different initiatives i.e  Open Skies Fellows (https://openskiesfellows.org/)

Data management, analysis and visualization

OMDTZ manages data using open-source tools, uses Python scripts for data quality checks and Quantum GIS (QGIS), R Studio and other open-source tools for visualization. OMDTZ analyzes data and develops thematic maps, static maps and online interactive maps to create insights for decision-making at different levels.

Data collection

OMDTZ employs innovative and cost-efficient methodologies of community mapping to work with community mappers and harness local knowledge through advanced open-source tools that collect and ensure high-quality data.

Our Impact

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OSM Contribution

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Community Member

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Students Engagement

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Workshops and Trainings



Areas of Expertise

Geospatial data management, visualisation and map making

Supercomputer for big data processing

Facilitating data collection and community mapping

Imagery Processing (Conversion, Compression)

ODK Server deployment and management

WebMap development and hosting

Drones (imagery acquisition and data processing)

Capacity building on open geospatial data and tools