Our Projects

Ramani Huria (2.0)

Ramani Huria is a community-based mapping project in Tanzania that began in 2015, training university students and community members to create accurate maps of the most flood-prone areas of Dar es Salaam.

Innovation Ecosystem Mapping (Palladium/HDIF)

Innovation ecosystem mapping is a project funded by Human Development Innovation Funding (HDIF) and led by OMDTZ that was tasked to review the technology and administer an innovation mapping platform

Kyela Community Mapping

Tanzania Data Lab (dLab) in partnership with OMDTZ mapped Kyela District by replicating the same methodology used in Dar es Salaam and Mbeya Urban to map hyperlocal boundaries in Kyela. To produce accurate and reliable maps, the team is working closely with community leaders baloziā”ten-cell-unit leaders responsible for hyperlocal boundaries

Industrial Effluent Discharge Mapping (GIZ)

There are many problems associated with the discharge of wastewater from industries into water bodies. These problems can lead to environmental pollution which in turn leads to a variety of diseases, and a decline in public health for both people and marine organisms.

Mapping Lusaka - Zambia with Drones (WB)

The project was a Zambain_National Land Titling Program (NLTP) supported by the World Bank as initiation of a Land titling program with the use of Drone technology collecting data to some Area of Interest implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of land and Natural Resources (MLNR). The project aimed to map an area of 120km2 at a spatial resolution of 5cm GSD and using RTK/PPK with the deliverables of Orthomosaic.

Clients Trash Mapping (GWPL)

Ramani Huria and Green WastePro Ltd. (GWPL)---a private company specializing in waste management with the aim to offer eco-friendly solutions in cleaning and waste management---partnered in August 2018 to provide datasets for waste management