Innovation Ecosystem map of Tanzania

Innovation ecosystem map of Tanzania is a project that aims at mapping the innovation ecosystem of Tanzania and putting it on one online map.

The map is managed by reviewing the technology and administering the platform as well as creating community ownership from innovation stakeholders in Tanzania. The project aims to map all innovators in Tanzania.  Stakeholders mapped are categorized into different sections such as business development services, government, hubs, incubators, mentors, innovators, investors/funders/lenders, networks, etc.

At the initial stage, OMDTZ made sure stakeholders in the ecosystem are aware of the platform and understand the potential of it while being on the map. Different discussions were held, including personal contacts, presentations, virtual meetings, and a number of emails being sent to potential stakeholders of the map.

A fully functional web map is now live and innovators are able to add themselves on a map, with strong support from OMDTZ in case they encounter some technical difficulties.

The map is standing as a platform in the innovation ecosystem and members are able to submit blogs about their work and will be published on the platform. This will not only foster interaction within the ecosystem but also make the ecosystem visible to the rest of the world.


This project began in 2018 and is expected to end in December 2020, but leaving a living map that will be run by champions in the ecosystem.


The project is funded by the Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) and implemented by OMDTZ.

Impact of the Project

A live functioning web map with different information about the stakeholders in the ecosystem. In the long run, it is expected to serve as an interacting ‘forum’ for all innovators in the country.